Recommended Packing List

  • • Personal medications.
  • • Toiletries.
  • • Quick dry Towel.
  • • Sunglasses.
  • • Sunscreen lotion with a high SPF rating.
  • • A hat for sun protection.
  • • Flashlight or headlamp bright enough for use on night walks + spare batteries.
  • • Insect repellent (DEET product with at least 20% concentration).
  • • Small day pack for excursions.
  • • Long-sleeved lightweight shirts.
  • • Lightweight long pants.
  • • Waterproof bag (Ziploc type to seal documents and keep them dry).
  • • Protective hermetic bag for cameras or electronic equipment.
  • • Long absorbent stockings (just below the knee) to be used with rubber boots.
  • • Sandals (Teva type or similar for around the lodge or basecamp).
  • • Cotton socks.
  • • Swimwear
  • • Raingear (if you prefer not to use the rain ponchos provided).
  • • Lightweight sweater or jacket.
  • • One or two pairs of shorts (mostly for around the lodge or basecamp).
  • • T-shirts.
  • • Camera/video gear.
  • • Rubber boots (wellies). If you wear more than 44 EUR or 10.5.
  • • Water bottle.
  • • Small first-aid kit for scrapes, cuts and bug bites.
  • • Small-denomination bills.
What is the luggage weight limit?

Your luggage is hand-carried at various stages in the trip for a long distance. We strongly recommend you limit your weight to 15 kilos (33 pounds apiece). You can leave your large luggage in our office in Padrecocha. If you are visiting other destinations in Peru or South America that require different kinds of clothing, you can always pack separate bags and safely leave them at our office on the first day so we won’t be carrying them around uselessly.

Are there any vaccination requirements?

Officially, there are no required vaccinations for travel to Peru. However, we do recommend you ask your physician. Before you travel to the Peruvian Amazon, visit a health care provider specializing in Travel Medicine who can tell you which vaccinations are recommended due to your health and vaccination history. It is best to see this physician 4-6 weeks prior to your travel to allow time for vaccinations to take effect. You should mention you are visiting the Peruvian northern Amazonia in order to receive appropriate advice on your travel destinations.
According to our rainforest guiding years of experience, it's extremely rare to catch yellow fever or rabies diseases due to our security standards.