Ritama Piyuta Program
"Ritama Piyuta" Kukama words for Clean your Community. Ritama Piyuta is the name of our environmental commitment at the communities we are having an impact. As part of our environmental commitment, our company organizes cleaning days for sidewalks, sports fields and conducts environmental awareness campaigns in the towns and communities where we are working with. We carry out these activities in coordination with the schools of each community. Also adults who want to see a clean, free of plastic community, actively participate during these campaigns. For "Ritama Piyuta", the figures speak for themselves, at the end of 2020 we have collected more than 800 sacks of plastic garbage, thanks to the participation of school students, neighbors and other people who have wanted to support this initiative. During 2021,"Ritama Piyuta" has carried out 04 environmental awareness campaigns, aimed at boys and girls between 4 and 12 years old. We have chosen these ages because we believe that little ones are the ones that will minimize the negative impact on our planet. Our awareness campaigns include games for children to learn by playing to recycle and reuse plastics and glass. Be part of an unforgettable experience in the Peruvian Amazon and help contribute to a healthy environment!.